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SWF series high efficiency low noise mixed flow fan
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  • SWF, a series of Francis (oblique flow fan) of
    SWF series of mixed flow fan is included in the national Spark Program, “ ” by the national research institutions and the Hangzhou Airlines fan Co., Ltd. jointly developed, with the same machine number is air centrifugal fan, axial flow fan pressure is high, can install axial characteristics such as wide application; to the hotel, hotel, Museum Exhibition Center, but also exported to Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian regions. Users are highly praised for their low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency, wide area, convenient installation and use, reliable operation of centrifugal fans, and so on.

    two, SWF series of Francis (oblique flow fan) characteristics of
    1, compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation of the fan type centrifugal flow or small volume in the same volume and pressure than the shaft, can be directly connected with the air duct, installed in horizontal or vertical, and convenient features.
    2, low noise: the fan housing is specially designed to greatly reduce the outflow noise. Under the condition of unit air volume and unit air pressure, the sound level can be reduced by 2-3dB (A) compared with the A sound level, and higher fan pressure can be obtained at lower speed. In the air supply and exhaust system of industrial and commercial enterprises and high civil buildings, they can replace low-pressure centrifugal fans or substitute high pressure axial fans without large numbers of noise elimination measures.
    3, a wide range of applications: this series of products are divided into single speed and double speed of two models, according to the use of different occasions, change the fan installation angle, change the number of blades and revolutions to meet their use requirements.

    three, SWF series of Francis (oblique flow fan) the use and maintenance of
    1, before installation should carefully check the fan blade and the chassis is not due to the transport of damage or deformation, otherwise it should be repaired before installation;
    2, check the connection bolt is loose, the fan before starting first to check the fan in the pipeline have hindered rotation of the articles;
    3, check the electrical insulation performance is good, after the power is switched on to check if there is abnormal vibration and friction collision;
    For many reasons, 4 fan vibration, can be checked from the following aspects:
    A.) impeller and duct friction, and a ring and abnormal vibration;
    B.) support the foot bolt without fastening, there will be greater vibration;
    C.) bolt loosening of the impeller and shaft sleeve;
    (D.) the connection between the support and the motor bolt is loose, which results in the imbalance of the impeller and the severe vibration caused by the damage of the axle.
    5, under normal temperature and high temperature of motor transport forwarding, may be caused by the following reasons:
    A.) motor bearing damage, does not meet the requirements of
    ; B.) shaft and bearing installation skew, two bearing different axis;
    C.) low power supply voltage or three-phase motor running off phase.
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